• PVC mesh corner bead
  • Fabric mesh for grinding wheels
  • Plaster reinforcement mesh role
  • Roving fabric
  • Plaster reinforcement mesh role
  • Aluminum mesh corner bead
  • Self-adhesive tape for bonding Gypsum boards
  • Fiberglass mesh for road construction
  • Insect mesh role
  • Fiberglass surface mat
  • Fabric mesh for grinding wheels
  • Fabric mesh for grinding wheels

Allianz T.C. Com was established in 2003 and has over 10 years experience in the marketing of Post Reinforcement Coatings and accessories for PVC and aluminum joinery.
Our company is aware that the future and success of an organization depends on its customer satisfaction.

In March 2014, our company opened a professional production line of glass fiber fabrics, using the latest machinery with low environment impact.
The raw material used to manufacture the fabrics is supplied by renowned manufacturers and our products will sell on both internal and external market.

As a company that focuses on quality requirement, we have highly trained and qualified personnel.
We focus on customer needs and requirements, our motto is: "Quality, Transparency and Innovation".